Navajo Hydrologist, Nikki Tulley Recognized for her work in Tribal Resilience

Sept. 7, 2021

Navajo Hydrologist, Nikki Tulley, Aims to Safeguard the Resources of Her People

Nikki Tulley Recognized for exceptional contributions to tribal resilience and exemplary leadership assuring Native and Indigenous communities have access to clean water.

From Nikki Tulley: "The development of data is key to being able to tell the story you aim to present in your field of study for your research. More importantly in the data, I develop it is key for me to use the data in ways that are aimed to support, collaborate, and develop a respectful narrative with the Indigenous communities I work with. Data provides insight and the people have an opportunity to develop the meaning of the data in the communities alongside the researchers. That is my goal as a scientist developing data."