Support for Faculty Research

Sept. 7, 2021

The Data Sciences Academy offers support for faculty researchers. The Academy is focused on young researchers involved in collaborative efforts. Support can include support for Graduate Research Assistants, use of core facilities, course buyouts, assistance from the Statistical Consulting Lab, and the Data Science Institute.  In light of university priorities, the Academy especially welcomes proposals that include undergraduate student support.

The Academy will work with the researchers’ home department to structure a program that works to best further the research aims of those who apply for support. We will consider and select research projects based the Academy’s overall goal of achieving: i) a broad intellectual focus; ii) the potential to generate new collaborations; iii) a balance of representation from diverse demographics, e.g., genders, career levels, scientific areas, and locations; and iv) its vision for societal impact.

Applications should include (in three pages or less):

  • Executive summary
  • Summary of activities to date
  • The data science context and scientific/pedagogical aims of the projected activities during the time of support
  • Realistic outcomes to be achieved during the period of support
  • Future plans with a timeline to complete the project including strategies for continued support

In addition, applicants should include:

  • A short CV (no more than five pages) or agency-specific biosketch (e.g., NSF or NIH)
  • A brief (less than one-page) support request and justification including confirmed budget numbers (if known, e.g., course buyout or undergraduate researcher amount)

Proposals are due September 27, 2021. For questions regarding the submission platform, contact sends e-mail)
Proposers are encouraged to contact the Academy at sends e-mail) with questions in advance of submission.