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We live in a world that relies on data and it is essential that we introduce students to data analysis and statistical literacy at an early age. We believe that a strong pipeline for a future generation of data-literate citizens begins in K-12. We also believe deeply in ensuring that data science is introduced in inclusive, engaging, and personally relevant ways. By inspiring and equipping students with the tools they need to solve problems, we can work toward a vision of data literacy for all. 

The UArizona Educators in Data Science (EDSci) Fellowship (1) supports Arizona middle and high school educators across all disciplines in their effort to bring real-world data science learning experiences into their classroom, and (2) promotes efforts to create a more diverse data science field through inclusive recruitment, retention, and teaching and learning strategies. 

The EDSci Fellowship is for . . .

  • anyone who is curious about how data literacy can be integrated into their classroom.
  • anyone who would like to become part of a data science learning community.

Fellowship Commitments

Minimum commitments include:

  1. A virtual 5-day summer data science boot camp, hosted by members of the Data Sciences Academy. This summer PD will introduce its participants to the varied field of data science through exploring the resources Data Nuggets, Data Classroom, Citizen Science Sci-Starter, R with R-ladies and from our panel of graduate students in data science.

  2. A self-paced online course for teachers that delves into the brain science behind a limitless mind and explores an introduction to data science and how it can truly transform any learning environment; created by Jo Boaler, an Education Professor at Stanford University and leader in data science education. 

  3. Monthly virtual meetings facilitated by the UArizona Data Sciences Academy staff. Participation may include pre-readings, reflective writing, collaborative conversations, group projects, or regional small-group meetings. This will be a time to network with other EDSci Fellows, share successes, and seek suggestions from other Fellows. 

Opportunities and Resources for EDSci Fellows

The EDSci Fellowship is for one year (June, 2021 through April 8, 2022). Fellows are awarded $300 to be used for expenses to support their professional development. The funds can be used to support one of the following deliverables, to be completed within their fellowship year:


Option A

Option B

Use of funds

To cover cost of professional development (e.g., online courses or self-paced modules, local travel), conference and presentation fees 

To cover cost of  supplies, software, books, resources, etc. or other support (including local travel) needed to create and implement data science lesson plans in the classroom


-Blog post or short article summarizing learning experience

-Statement and implementation plan for how participant plans to address equity issues in the field of data science through inclusive recruitment, retention, and pedagogical strategies 

-Artifact- can include lesson plan and/or recording of lesson being taught in the classroom

-Statement and implementation plan for how participant plans to address equity issues in the field of data science through inclusive recruitment, retention, and pedagogical strategies 


  • February 10, 2021: Interest form is available
  • April 14, 2022, 4:00 PM: Zoom EDSci Webinar and Q&A
  • May 12, 2021: Interest form closes
  • May 20, 2022: Fellows are notified
  • Week of June 7, 2021: Beginning of Summer PD and Fellowship

Interest Form

The UArizona EDSci Fellowship is open to middle school and high school educators from any discipline. Each year, 8-12 educators will be chosen as Fellows. 

To fill out an application form, click here.