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Data driven inquiries play a role in a vast array of careers. The University of Arizona offers a spectrum of opportunities for undergraduates with interests in the Data Sciences. Students can choose a Data Science as both a major or a minor, complement their Data Science major with a minor or enhance their major with a Data Science minor.

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Data Science in Your Future

Your ability to solve problems is enhanced by complementing your major with a data science minor.

For those who are planning to come to the University of Arizona to study data science, the table below gives the introductory mathematics, statistics, and computation required for the degree.

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  Statistics & Data Science Computer Science Information Science Systems & Industrial Engineering Management Information Systems
Mathematics Calc I, II, & III, Linear Algebra Calc I & Calc II or Linear Algebra Calc I Calc I, II, & III, Differential Equations College Algebra
Statistics Calc and Linear Algebra Based   College algebra based Calc based College algebra based
Computation R and Python Python or Java R and Python C or Python Java