K-14 Educators

Data Science Academy Fellowship

We live in a world that relies on data and it is essential that we introduce students to data analysis and statistical literacy at an early age. We believe that a strong pipeline for a future generation of data-literate citizens begins in K-12. We also believe deeply in ensuring that data science is introduced in inclusive, engaging, and personally relevant ways. By inspiring and equipping students with the tools they need to solve problems, we can work toward a vision of data literacy for all. 

The UArizona Educators in Data Science (EDSci) Fellowship (1) supports Arizona middle and high school educators across all disciplines in their effort to bring real-world data science learning experiences into their classroom, and (2) promotes efforts to create a more diverse data science field through inclusive recruitment, retention, and teaching and learning strategies. 

To see the recording of the Q&A session that was held on April 15 click here.

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Mission, Vision and Goals for K-14 Education

We believe that (1) data science is a fundamental aspect of all education content, (2) through a supportive community, K-14 educators can incorporate data science into existing curriculum, and (3) all K-14 learners have the potential to engage in data science.

Awaken data science potential in K-14 learners, raise awareness of data science as a discipline, and create interest in data science for K-14 learners.

Promote best practices for engaging students in data science and offer a supportive learning community to K-14 educators. 

  1. Offer a yearly fellowship for educators

  2. Through our website, promote best practices for teaching and engaging K-14 learners in data science

  3. Through our website, promote data science pathways