K-14 Educators

The Data Sciences Academy sponsors two primary activities for the K-14 Community, a Guide of Educator Resources and the Data Science Academy Fellowship.  Fellowship applications are due in March.

Mission, Vision and Goals for K-14 Education

We believe that (1) data science is a fundamental aspect of all education content, (2) through a supportive community, K-14 educators can incorporate data science into existing curriculum, and (3) all K-14 learners have the potential to engage in data science.

Awaken data science potential in K-14 learners, raise awareness of data science as a discipline, and create interest in data science for K-14 learners.

Promote best practices for engaging students in data science and offer a supportive learning community to K-14 educators. 

  1. Offer a yearly fellowship for educators

  2. Through our website, promote best practices for teaching and engaging K-14 learners in data science

  3. Through our website, promote data science pathways