Data Sciences Academy

The DSA spearheads an extensive educational program from professional development of K-14 teachers to undergraduate research to a new professional master’s degree In Data Science and Applied Statistics. The DSA is a partner with the Arizona Department of Education to establish data science standards and guidelines and to collaborate with native communities in Southern Arizona on computer science curriculum.

Partnership with ADE

Statewide K-12 data science standards are being co-written with ADE and the DSA through the Data Science Convening, a gathering between statewide stakeholders in data science education, including all the state universities. In addition, the DSA was granted funding through ADE supporting our Natives Who Code initiative.

Data Science Education

The DSAs Educators in Data Science (EDSci) Fellowship supports K-14 data science training and academic year-round implementation support; in addition to numerous professional development through TUSD PD, MEAD and beyond. Supporting DS education through Arizona community colleges includes supporting new class offerings in Data 101 and Data 201. At the undergraduate level, the UArizona offers Data 101, Data 201, and a Statistics and Data Science major. Finally at the graduate level numerous degrees are supported such as the Data Science and Applied Statistics Degree, Data Science Masters, Statistics and Data Science Masters.

Natives Who Code

Natives Who Code endeavors to co-create an Indigenized computer science curriculum, with Arizona Tribal communities. This program partners with Arizona computer science teachers that serve Indigenous populations to review our approach to computer science. We seek to honor our local Indigenous communities through targeted community engagement to incorporate native culture and language in K-12 computer science classes across Arizona.